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Thread: AquaCraft Revolt 30 FE Mono

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    Default AquaCraft Revolt 30 FE Mono

    I was seriously looking at this boat and I just found out it has been discontinued...was thinking it might be my new boat come next spring...

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    Tower Hobbies has had them in stock for a while now.
    They were discontinued but are back now.

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    I like that boat looks like the mini mono only bigger...seems to slice through the water like a knife...

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    It is a really good handling mono. Other then a flex cable and coupler upgrade it is very dependable boat to run and have fun with whether it's your first boat or your weekend warrior right out of the box.

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    Yes the hull of the Revolt 30 is virtually identical that of the Minimono with the exception that it is fiberglass not plastic.
    They were very popular boat when they first came out a number of years ago and a lot of clubs adopted them for P-mono racing.

    I eventually got 3 of them and the only problem I had was none of them would pass the bathtub test.
    This was easily fixed by putting some silicone on the back of the bolt plates. After doing that I never got any water in the boat.

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    I think I'm gonna pull the trigger on one this winter hoping to find a sale...don't need a radio really just need the boat already have a TTX300 it will run with that.

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    I also had great success with the Hobbyking Pursuit which is another great handling boat but it seems Hobbyking is no longer selling them. I built one for sport and one for speed.

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    maybe someone on here has a Revolt 30 for sale might be interested...



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