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Thread: Castle 2028 800KV Amps

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    Default Castle 2028 800KV Amps

    Hi. Has anyone checked the current draw of this motor, on 6S up to 12S ?
    Can't find the info anywhere. Thanks!

    Trying to choose an ESC.

    Where can I get a 6V 3+A, BEC for a 12S battery?
    Thx again

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    Also, what does "1Y" refer to?

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    6s. The new hobbyking120- 160 A, (do not know it)
    8s. Yep 120 A, (great ESC.)
    10s. Swordfish 240-300 A + (flier+++).
    12s. Flier 16-24s. esc. 400 A

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    The 2028 will run right around 200-225A on 8S with a competitive prop load for heat racing.
    On 10S I was logging around 250-310A consistently using an MGM40063.
    I would not advise running the 2028 on 12S in a boat. Just too much load.
    Tyler Garrard
    NAMBA 639/IMPBA 20525
    T-Hydro @ 142.94mph former WR

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    Thx Tyler. Great info. Looks like that 180A is a little light
    Just looked up that ESC. $860 Euros? Can that be right?
    Swordfish 300 Pro HV sound OK?
    How do you power Rx and servos?

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    Yeah, the MGM's are not cheap, but you are talking about 12kW of continuous power with logging and safety built in to protect from frying an expensive controller.
    Although I have not tested the new SF300 Pro HV, I have heard good reviews from several guys I trust.

    I recommend to skip using a BEC even if the ESC has one and use a physical switch and RX pack to power the receiver and steering servo.
    Tyler Garrard
    NAMBA 639/IMPBA 20525
    T-Hydro @ 142.94mph former WR

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    OK, good advice. How do you handle the common grounds? (Rx and ESC)
    I need advice on antenna's. Are todays ground TX's on 2.4 GHz like aircraft? They use twin antenna's? I just haven't got to the research yet.

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    On the ESC just remove the red or middle wire from the 3 pin receiver connector and tape it out of the way. Don't cut it as you will likely need it for programming.

    For the receiver antenna, on most ground systems like Futaba there will be an internal antenna and an external one. You want to have the external antenna outside the boat and pointing vertically.
    On the modern 2.4GHz systems, the last 1" is what needs to be up in clear air. If the external antenna is too short, various companies sell longer antenna which you can exchange.
    Tyler Garrard
    NAMBA 639/IMPBA 20525
    T-Hydro @ 142.94mph former WR



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