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    Hi all,

    I just received the Genesis and took it out for its first run and am stoked on this hull. Now that I got to have some fun with my new toy, I'm planning a full rebuild to strengthen the hull.

    Anyway, I am planning on running an offset rudder, but don't want to use the simple offset bracket. I would like to mount the rudder separate, on the starboard side, and really like the looks of the rudder in the photo below:

    If anyone knows where to purchase a rudder like this, or if anyone has one they'd like to sell, please let me know.


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    Tenshock makes a similar design out of carbon and aluminum. i have one on my KOS P1 mono.
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    rc boat bitz have those rudders.

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    Thanks for the recommendations! I ended up ordering a rudder from Tenshock. I'll post pics of how it turns out!

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    Yes, the rudder is made by Tenshock but the blade is a RCBB,

    I like this strut / rudder mount.



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