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Thread: one radio for all your rc toys

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    Default one radio for all your rc toys

    is there any radio you can get to run all your Rc cars trucks ..? I mean if you have multiple boats wouldn't it be nice to have one radio to run them all...

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    I do just that, many people do. The only caveat would be that you need to choose pistol or stick. Not a lot of people running aircraft on pistol radios, but I'd like to see them try! You can look at something like the Spektrum DX4C that has multiple memories to bind and store countless receivers for all your boats, cars and trucks. The newer DX5C is really nice and the best bang for the buck money wise. It does nearly everything the more expensive 5R does, minus telemetry and multi-position wheel adjustment. I believe Darin Jordan is selling one of those lightly used in the classifieds now.
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    That’s what I do with Aurora 9x, I run boats, cars, quads and planes from 1 handset

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    is this the one your referring to...

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    A stick radio would be kinda nice for boating. You can usually set the throttle stick and leave it. I tend to play with the trigger likely too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyjack8 View Post
    is this the one your referring to...
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    Not really no, but kind of.

    You usually want a cars throttle to be sprung to center for brakes and reverse, but boats, planes, helis, quads, you want either sprung to the bottom or unsprung so you have the full resolution of the channel, and travel of the transmitter available for positive throttle.

    I do know folks that get around it by have an air type stick TX, springing it to center internally, then overpowering that spring externally with a rubber band when they are not running a car.

    For myself I have 2 main radios, one fairly expensive very good radio with 8 channels and unlimited model memories sprung to the bottom that I use for all my boats and planes, and another fairly cheap radio sprung to the middle that I use for the few cars I have. In additional to that I have a couple of toy grade RCs that have built in RXs which would be prohibitivly expensive compared to their purchase price to convert to hobby grade, so use their own *!***!***!***!**ty TXs.
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    I use futaba 4Pxs They can hold a crazy number of models and store all settings for each model but I only have 3 or 4 on each.

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    I've been running a cheap tactic 2.4ghz pistol for years now. Boats and cars. Simple. Robust.

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    I used to run a single radio for all my rc stuff but now that my son has become interested in them I've switch over to a tactic rx/tx for each. so far so good.

    Shooter, do you waterproof your tactic boat receivers?
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    No, I don't waterproof them. I'm pretty meticulous with my boats though and they rarely have any water in them. All hardware is mounted with undersized holes and they are sealed well. A lot of the club guys laugh at my radio. Nothing like a $1000 boat with a $25 radio. My presets are just pencil marks on the knobs.

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    Same thing here mate.
    I've been racing with a $20.00 Hobbyking GT2 radio since I started. I've got over 40 boats bound to that Transmitter with $10.00 receivers. That includes race boats, scale boats, yachts, & all my experimental stuff.
    It's raced at Australian National titles, Queensland State titles, and all our club championships. I still get a few laughs from club members when I tweek the rudder throw & offset with the knobs, for different boats, prior to throwing them into the water.
    But then I have a laugh when others throw their boat in & have selected the wrong model memory for that boat on their fancy computerised TX, & the boat turns left instead of right. Or takes off in reverse.

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    And what mhz band are you on Paul . definetly not 2.4 gig. i have noticed. its 27 or 29 ??

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    No mate. It's definitely 2.4 gig.

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    sorry Paul, not thinking now i remember it is a 2.4 with those exterior trim dials which makes things so easy for adjustments as opposed to the new computor gear where you have to go into the menu to do this stuff. basic is best. I used to love the good old am and fm radios of yester year.

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    I’m a pistol guy as well, great for tunnels but I use my 4PX on the hydros too. I probably have about a dozen boats on it, the new menu makes it easier to change models a little less chance to screw it up lol.
    But I’ve seen guys with a separate radio for every boat grab the wrong ones too .
    (I soak my rx’s in CorrosionX)

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    Looking at a Tactic TT660... Maybe.... Just need to get it without taxes etc...

    No sales on this puppy, pity...
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