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    here's a really cool video I thought of this boat I wouldn't mind owning...maybe some of you haven't seen it ...please watch till the end...

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    The Blackjack 24 is a fun little hull, especially if you're just starting out with boats. 6S is a waste of money and effort in that hull, in my opinion. The hull is thin plastic, not meant for those speeds, and can (and has) shattered into pieces in high speed crashes. The electronics are not meant for that kind of voltage and need to be upgraded to get anywhere near 6S voltage. The stock battery tray is setup for a single pack located on the left side which needs to be modified to hold two 3S packs in series to distribute weight more evenly.

    That's the long winded answer of: just buy one of the 29" V3 cats (Blackjack, Geico) or a Veles instead if you're goal is 6S speeds. You'll save money in the long run and have a better running, more reliable boat from the start.
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    thank you I appreciate that my goal is to have a new boat in the spring. but I'm still trying to decide what to get



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