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Thread: FE Nationals Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by longballlumber View Post
    we need more racers!
    Well there's the $10000 question. How do we get em? I think collecting the participants to justify events was easier when most of FE (not all) ran under one freak flag. Kinda split up now.

    Our local numbers are down too. I keep asking "how come" and guys are saying they're just too busy. Not sure if that's a sign of prosperity or just a lack of interest. Guyss just have other things to play with right now. I don't have a feel for how to get more people to try it. I know for me..........I'm kinda maxed out. Running some races, supporting some races by attending, helping guys that want it, helping guys that are too shy or timid to ask for it. Keep grinding is all I can do.

    Curious, does anyone know of another FE only event in the US besides the Michigan Cup? I can't think of one. Club races sure but a sanctioned event I'm ignorant.
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    "P/limited giving us a false positive." I agree with that. The reason "P" limited is successful is cost and low tech. The step up from limited is expensive and requires equipment knowledge. Sure you can run full P or Q on a reasonable budget but how many will build and stay interested when it takes an $800 ESC and $600 motor to compete. The gap from base to top shelf is large. The numbers will grow but slower than you think. Technology and cost are moving fast and rules very slow. The spec arguments and lack of positive changes are not helping. If you like racing against the same old guys you have been, fine. I guess at 70 I am surely an old guy and have a short expiration date so I won't be around much longer. Yep the old guys are fading out. Where are the new racers?

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    NAMBA will have a stand alone FE Nats when a club steps up to do it. Plane and simple.

    If we did not combine it into the Nitro Gas Nats then it would not have happened in the last two years and next year as well. My club is considering a stand alone NAMBA Nats in 2020. Our concern is how many racers we would get to attend. It doesn't have to be a large turnout but it would need to be 15 racers from out of our club to make it worth while. Not sure how many we could get to come to Colorado.

    Would be nice though.

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    Having just finished my first NAMBA Nat's I guess I can wade into this diverse and interesting conversation. First a shout out to Jay, Jim V. and HOTMBC in general as it takes a few good leaders to make a local club go. I did appreciate that Dallas stacked more FE towards the latter part of the event. I raced Thursday-Saturday and that had 5 FE classes, so basically two each day with one (T-Mono) on one day. The Dallas group did an excellent job and worked hard at it all week. I do think that a week long event is challenge for those of us who work and have families, but really, how could it be shorter as they were racing boats non-stop from morning to dark the entire week! I guess less classes.

    Although I did not do well in p-limited mono, I did enjoy it because of the larger number of racers. The more the merrier as they say. I would comment that we had a "spec" class for 1/8 scale hydro with a limit on motors KV and prop size. This evened out the field and made for some fun racing. It also got a good number of racers(maybe because of less cost?) and I just like seeing the big hydro's go around! I think the cost factor, as someone pointed out earlier, as you jump up from the limited classes plays a big role in the lack of racers. Frankly, not everyone wants to race either, some just enjoy running their boats and the social aspects of the club. We have a few that just like to go SAW and see how fast they can go which can also be a blast. So measuring the involvement just at the races is one factor, but there is also the number of people showing up for the club events to just run boats.

    Maybe someone can tell me if the number of FE racers going up or down over time? Not sure if each District knows that? I would say here in Texas it has stayed a bit constant as a few leave and then a few show up over time. It has not grown though and it's usually the same faces. We would ALL like more racers at the events, but it seems to be a issue that has not changed much over the years.

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