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    Hi everyone new here... I found a 11.1 v 3S 1800mAh 50c battery that fits in my mini mono will the 20 amp.esc be ok with that battery don't want to burn it up...appreciate all your comments thanks....
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    It will be OK - But those ESC's aren't great and don't last forever.

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    thank you... I just took delivery of my second mini mono yesterday from RC Planet and the motor won't work out of the box...talking to them now about solving the first boat sunk in the bottom of my pond and I recovered it but its shot...I loved that little boat so I ordered another one but no li-po is included...and I kinda wanted to make sure it would handle that battery...the price of a new boat was less than trying to replace everything that went bad after the boat sank. so I need to replace the battery and wanted to know if I can get the same battery it had when it sunk...oh this one has the new updated ESC and it seems they don't work much better either..if thats whats wrong with it binds to reciever and the rudder works but the motor doesn''s turned into a real pain in the a$$.... well they sent me a replacement ESC just got it today installed and it works...HOORAY....thanks RC Planet....they went the distance to make me a happy customer...
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    I assume it was running on a 3S battery, so I will be fine.
    An 1800 mAh battery may be a bit heavy, so you may need to move it around to get the balance right.

    As far as the amp draw, that is controlled by the load you put on the motor with the prop. Larger prop, or a prop with more pitch, will draw more current.
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    it ran great very fast but I have a diffuser in my pond that bubbles up water from the air..(aerator) and when I hit it the bubbles it flipped and took me three days to recover it but all the electronics were fried. so I ordered a new one because I love that little boat...and it didn't have the battery included so I wanted to be sure I should get the same battery I had on the other boat which was bigger than the one that came in it which was a 2 s lipo..thanks for your I will tape the hatch down for sure...

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    Which mini mono do you have and what ESC does it have in it?

    Typically a 30A ESC is used in mini monos if it is watercooled, or 50A if it is uncooled, whether on 2s or 3s.
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    Default mini mono esc

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    it is a 20 amp..and water cooled

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    My stock Mini mono is still running great after 4 seasons with zero issues over that period of time.
    Makes me feel like a kid with a great toy again every time I run it

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    just took my Mini-Mono for it's maiden run....figured it's a beautiful day sunshine and I put the new prop on her Octura x431 taped up the hatch and she flies....this little boat is fast and turns on a dime very happy now after they sent me a brand new ESC..( out of the box it was bad) not sure if I will do any other upgrade to her now how fast do I really need to go...? but anyway even taping up the hatch I still hat a little bit of water in her belly. that realy surprised me must be coming in the stern some place I think...

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    We had mini mono sink too if water get in, first one sunk this one will sink fill extra spaces with foam strips for insurance.

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    so essentially what your saying if I use a higher amp esc it doesn't necessarily need to be water cooled that correct...I think the non water cooled ESC is less expensive than the water cooled ESC...



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