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    Been at it again with my GP400. Messing around with another setup. Old Turnigy T600 (red one) outrunner with a T180. Also running 2 6s Turnigy HD at 5000 for 10000 total. Buzzed it around for an allotted 2 min. Batts at 50% remaining. ESC topped out at 131 after about 1+00 of ram rise, came in at 121. Motor casing was 200 ( it's an outrunner and supposed to handle well over this, per old posted specs), still...that's hot! Used a M645. I crawled up from a x442, then x445, M645 today, maybe tomm try x648 for one minute only.
    So my questions are:
    Rotating mass of the T600 vs something like a TP 1350kv 4060? Outrunner as alot of spinning weight to it. T600 is 3000 watts.
    Heat removal is a no-brainer with the inrunner. Just thinking prop size.
    Also, how long is the rudder blade on a typical Q hydro? Maybe shave some dragging metal off? Boat was hopping pretty frequently, slight breeze, very mild water if anything. A flat hop, up and down in small frequency. Drop my strut a tad? Just looking for some tips. ThanksIMG_20180311_174945.jpg

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    does this hull have a round or flat bottom strut ? if flat bottom round off the edges as this should help in the hoping.

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    Nah, its round. All hopping is in the straights. Looks like it plants well in the corners. I think the prop is kicking up the rear too much.

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    Hopping is basically caused by lifting props.The new ABC props have solved most of these problems.The blade rudder usually extends 2" to 2 1/4" below the strut.Check the balancing and sharpeness of your props too.Gill

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    That’s a pretty small prop for a little 6S hydro. What is the diameter and Kv of the motor?

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    I had that motor. If I remember right it was 1400 or 1500kv. Great motor until I popped the clip that heals it together. Those do run hot. I would think a 447 or even a 450 would work. Put it on a flat table and make everything level with the table.

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    don,t forget with these wide tub hydros there is alot of air circulating under the tub in the channel and combine this with a not perfect c.o.g. plus strut / prop settings , the hull will want to rock up and down on its sponson heels . so maybe test a different prop then a different strut angle pos or neg and if still no good then move the c.o.g. back or forward. As Gill said, Lifting props does cause hoping as well.

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    Thank you gents for the replies. Today I used the ABC 1914/3 I have from dasboata. With that T600 1400kv I am sure I saw the speed I was searching for. Fast for me!! Only ran one minute. Ballz hot motor. Smell and smoke, but esc and all looks ok (can be deceiving of course). But need to do better on the stuffing tube. Overheated and vibrated loose. What epoxy do you all use when fixing the tube in place? JB Weld just don't cut it. I scratched the tube up well also to give it some "tooth". Think I am going to get the TP 4060 1350kv 4y.

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    looks like you do have stuffing box issues if it melted the epoxy or jb weld. normal 30 minute zpoxy works fine.

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    If your stuffing tube came loose, either epoxy or JB weld cracked then either the motor got too hot and heated up the jb or epxy or your prop, shaft or coupler are out of balance.
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