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    Some pics of my new boat, a DF Pirate 35". I kept it simple on the outside, easy to fix up when the inevitable scrapes etc happen.

    Setup is TP 4060 1620kv, T-180 V2, 6s. First spin on the water 88 kph with a Prather 225 loose and wild with nothing dialed in. 85 kph with a X440/3 and a bit of tabs and stinger adjustment, much smoother on the water. Boat is for oval racing but I think there is plenty of speed left in it with a bit of tuning.

    NZMPBA 2013, 2016 Open Electric Champion. NZMPBA 2016 P Offshore Champion.
    2016 SUHA Q Sport Hydro Hi Points Champion.
    BOPMPBC Open Mono, Open Electric Champion.

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