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Thread: Wanted Sport 40 FE

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    Default Wanted Sport 40 FE

    Looking to purchase a FE Sport 40.
    Can be just hull or a almost ready to run less the tx/rx.

    ie. Whiplash, Phil Thomas, ML or?

    Send me some details and pics on what you have available.


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    Are you in a big rush Dave?

    I've mentioned mine before I'm just trying to get to some things on it before I want to sell it.

    It ran a 1/4" shaft and I didn't like that. Once I change out the drive to 3/16" I'll give you a shout if you're still looking.

    It would be hull and hardware and being Canadian I'd give you a very good deal.
    Nortavlag Bulc

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    Sounds good Ray

    Please send me some pics of the Whiplash and when you think you will be ready to sell it.

    Thanks Ray

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    Your old Whip 40 sure was a beauty.
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    Wow I cant believe you found this pic. I miss this boat so bad. I had that boat like 12 years ago. It truly was a awesome boat.
    Would have made a great FE conversion project. I have owed just about every competitive nitro sport 40 hull available and loved all of them. Where did you find the pic of the Whiplash?

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    Dave, always loved the paint scheme, so saved it in my Whip file. That pic is from when you sold it on IW.

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    Thanks for the memory. I had allot of fun with that boat. Other then outriggers it was the only wooden hull I ever ran.

    My all time favorite sport 40 hulls were this whiplash, Phil Thomas, carbon fiber Steve Peterson hull, and a Mutt.



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