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Thread: Electronics cooler and flusher

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    Works really well. We used an IR temp gun and watched temps drop 20* almost instantly using room temperature water the first time out.

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    Or you could do something I do and it's not as elaborate as with the pump but it does the job. I just put some cold water w/ ice in a water bottle and when it comes in hot I just put a mouthful of cold water and blow it through the cooling lines and instantly everything starts to cool down. It's rugged but I can send the boat out within 10 minutes time. . .just put some freshly charged batteries and back on the water. I mostly do it when I have a bunch of my friends and family around as I have a few boats that I let others with no experience drive them. And most of them are self righting. But, I've done your way before and it's also great.



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