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Thread: Detroit Muscle and Pot from California

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    Default Detroit Muscle and Pot from California

    At 660Watts I wonder if mine’s the biggest on the forum?

    Free from my brother. He is retiring from building certain audio amplifiers.

    If you Google “Vulcan 280 tube amplifier” you will see what his friend Franco designed and my brother perfected, built and sold.

    I wonder how long the pot takes to heat up? It’s from California...

    Just sharing some cool stuff I got today.
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    Nortavlag Bulc

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    What is it?
    Cheetah, Super Rio, (Mod) Starship (Mod and sold),

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    It's a solder pot and a massive soldering iron.
    Nortavlag Bulc

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    I will use the pot to solder flex cable ends and it can help me depopulate cell phone PCBoards cleanly.

    The big iron I can use to solder 8mm connectors.
    Nortavlag Bulc



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