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Thread: Motor length vs amp draw

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    The k42 was the first prop that I test. Before the 642 which is why I couldn't understand how the log showed 7.7 v at 30 amps with the 642.

    And 7.4v at 24.6 amps with the k42 when that was the first prop that I test.

    The aquacraft was 7.4v at just over 23amps with the k42.

    7.2v with the 642.

    The truth is the 4092 does push my boat like 9 mph faster on 4s with a m545. When compared to the aquacraft with the same prop on 4s.

    And I am referring to the same 1730 rated leopard 4092.

    I have the 2080 rated kV 4092 leopard and that is like 5mph faster than the 1730 rated 4092 same prop.

    So the 2080 is like 14 mph faster than the aquacraft 4s for the leopard and 4s for the aquacraft.

    These 4092's is monster 4s motors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raydee View Post
    Does the length of the motor have any effect on amp draw? For example if I take two motors with the same KV running on the same voltage but one can is 60mm long and the other is 100mm will I see about the same amp draw from both? I generally like to run the longest can possible in order to dissipate heat as much as I can but often wonder if that causes my amp draw to go up.
    very interesting.
    this could make for a fun experiment
    one thought, the larger can does not have to struggle to turn the same size prop with the same volts..
    the motor will only draw the current it needs in order to run.
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    You would think that but on more than one occasion I have read where someone would say to watch what prop you run on a certain motor because it is an amp hog and the only difference between that motor and the motor I was running was the can length.

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