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Thread: Trim tab less w/ stinger on mono?

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    Default Trim tab less w/ stinger on mono?

    Building a delta force 26 mono. I bought trim tabs but its very crowded on the transom and will have to cut out the mount for them to fit. I bought the speedmaster adjustable stinger strut, could I not just adjust that to get the nose of the boat up or down if needed? Thanks!
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    There are many European racers that will not use trim tabs, & maintain the stance that they are water brakes and a band aid for a poor setup.
    Depends on how much stability you want.
    So it's your choice.

    The tabs that you have there are too big for a 26" Delta.
    These are the ones that I use, & they fit easily.


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    Thanks, maybe I'll buy the ones you recommend, finish the build and run it before putting tabs on, then if it seems too unstable I'll add the tabs, thanks for your input.

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    No Worries. Sounds like a plan.
    Steve here at OSE may sell the same size tabs in his store, if you normally buy from him.

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    I do, I'll look there I'm about to put in a order to finish off the parts list for the boat, thanks.

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    The id number for the OSE tabs you need are ose-80077 @ $10.95.

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    There Ya go Stephen.
    Cheers Martin.

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    Make a test without trim tabs and turn fins first.

    In France we don' t use them and we don' t need, depend of the V of the hull IMHO, flat or deep V



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