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Thread: Leopard 3674 2200 KV vs TP 3640 3Y/ V1 2600 KV for JAE 21 ?

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    Default Leopard 3674 2200 KV vs TP 3640 3Y/ V1 2600 KV for JAE 21 ?

    Hi all thanks to some great info from forum members im considering the TP 3640 2600 KV motor but i have more ? This motor draws max current of 127 amps .Would my Seaking 180 amp V3 esc be sufficient with a 53 amp buffer zone ? Using a 5000 mah 4s 40c lipo with Leopard i have a run time of 1:45 .With the 2600 kv TP that has higher kv rating and amp rating Would i have to cut back my run time say to 1:15 ? With the Leopard im running 64 mph. How much of a speed gain might i achieve switching to a TP 3640 2600KV ? Regards Andris Golts.

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    What size prop are you using?

    Is this for oval running?

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    2600 kv on 4s is quite high unless your going to do some SAW. i wouldn,t go any higher in the kv,s than 2400 maximum for oval stuff.

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    I don't how much space that boat has but I can tell you. I have a leopard 4092 1730 kV, a 4092 2080kv, a tp 4060 1950kv, a leopard 4074 1800kv and so aquacraft 3656 1800kv.

    The smaller motors the 4074 and the aquacraft would need 6s to beat those 4092 size motors when I am using 4s on them.

    I can you if them smaller motors loose a lot of rpm underload. Put on a 45mm to 47mm prop in a smaller boat with a tp 4060 1950kv with a good 4s and enjoy the sail. That motor is a monster.

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    That motor doesn't draw a max current of 127A. 127A is the just the most the manufacturer thinks you can run though it with good cooling without burning it up.

    It might sound similar, but there is a big difference, any motor is capable of pulling WAY more than its rated current, for a motor that size I would guess it can pull somewhere in the region of 500A, it wont pull it for long as it will burn up quickly, and it won't run efficiently while doing it, but if you overprop it and the battery can supply it, it will pull it.

    With a run time of 1:45 assuming you are leaving a little in your packs I will call that 2 mins, or 1/30th of an hour, 5Ah x 30 = 150, so you are already pulling an average of about 150A, which is closer to the limits of both your motor and ESC than I like to run.

    If you want to increase KV you will need to reduce your prop load to keep the amp draw in check, or drastically reduce the run time so things don't have a chance to get up to temperature, and I am talking about more like 10 seconds than 1:15.

    On my dataloggs I typically see fairly long peaks under acceleration out of a turn that are about 50% more than the average current and hole shots are about double the average current so you are very likely already well into a negative buffer zone.

    You won't see much speed increase going from 2200kv to 2600kv with similarly rated electrics unless you are willing to change driving styles too. I would recommend you save your money, and spend your time fine tuning the boat and tweaking your current prop.
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    Better packs and more prop work like Paul says will get you up there more.
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