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Thread: Bare hull weight for JAE .21 FE ?

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    Default Bare hull weight for JAE .21 FE ?

    Hi all talking to a fellow boater he asked me what the bare hull weight of my jae 21 was never crossed my mind to weight it. Has anyone ever weighed a painted jae 21 less hardware electronics and drive system ? Regards Andris Golts.

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    I don't know and have been regretting forgetting to weigh mine since I built it, I have asked in all the build threads if they would weigh it when finished, but before it is fitted out, and some said they would, but none have posted the weight.

    It is too heavy for my tastes, mine went well enough, was great in the rough, and handled excelently, but you could really feel the weight in the calm and I had a very hard time getting my runtime with it. Those that saw mine going well and wanted one took my advice and either built from the plans with thinner wood, or bought the kit, and seeing I wasn't joking on receipt traced around the kit wood onto thinner wood. These lightweight JAE.21FEs are much better than the kit for Naviga racing (with about 1kw), so likely for P-Ltd too. I ended up buying a composite hull to race and modifying my JAE for SAWs, and it wasn't untill I was seeing peak speeds in the 100mph range that it came apart, so it is overbuilt even for full on P, and now there is the 33FE that folks would use instead for full on P, I can't see any reason for the porkyness.

    I know they are too heavy, but I would love to know how much heavier than a good composite rigger it actually is.
    Paul "tug Killer" Upton-Taylor, Cat lover.

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    I have built several different brand name riggers of the 21 size over the years and as far as the JAE21/FE goes for weight it is not heavy atall providing you don,t use too much paint when finishing the hull. The 21/fe is not the best rigger for oval racing , its a better solo oval times hull or maybe good for SAW with some extra mods done but the later JAE-33 is a much better hull for oval racing as it does hold onto the water alot better with less chances of flipping, maybe this new model 33 was designed by zippkits especially for the racer. as for empty weight the 21/fe comes in at around 2 pounds with minimal paint finish and complete rtr comes in around the 5 pound mark which is pretty good considering most 21 glow riggers are approx that weight rtr. if you have the JAE 21/FE and not the JAE-33, you are missing a better boat if your racing.



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