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Thread: Hydro and Marine M1 supercat 34"

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    Default Hydro and Marine M1 supercat 34"

    Looking for a H&M M1 supercat 34", used or new bare hull or hull and hardware. I used to have one years ago, wanna try it again but don't wanna spend the bucks to get it here!!!!
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    I have a new white M-1 Supercat in the warehouse. It’s never been touched. I can ship it to you via FedEx.

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    what do you want for it?
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    How about $295 shipped to your door Mike?

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    anything you might need as a partial trade? motor? speeedo?
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    have a bunch of neu motors, 1527 1y 1.5y 1521 1.5d? 1515 1Y? castle 2028?
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    wanna unload your p-sprint cat?
    Cheers, Jay.

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    Not really cause it's got my car racing paint scheme on it, and I lost my Q cat that was painted the same. but I do have a sprint cat hull, and could prob put one together for u?
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    Mike let me check I may have one. Live just over the outer bridge perhaps we could meet save shipping costs! $150.00 if it the right one! Give me a day just had my 2nd knee replaced !
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