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    Planning to buy some solar powered electronics which can be used in the house, farm, and other portable purposes. So seeking some information on this as I have no much knowledge. I easily get cheated by non trusted products even online or on the stores make me lol... Please someone make me clear on this where can I buy those stuff? I gone through some websites like Amazon, Magesolar which make me feel good. But now the problem is whether they are trusted and if they can provide best stuff. Please help me with this asap.

    Thank You.
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    they have solar communities, forum sites, with ever changing companies and products it's hard to tell who survives for warranty service and part availability when something goes south. happened to my Godson's home, the company started on the solar roof panels project and then bellied up, hung his family out to dry for about three months till another Co. could finish up.
    I love PG&E. as i was raised "When not in use turn off the juice."
    i've been lookn' my self for small panels just for things like my slot cars, trains and charging batteries that's as far as i'll go. at least the industry is getting better but there is still a lot of smoke and mirrors out there. somebodies grandmother gets sold a system not realizing she needs a new roof sooner than later, she has an added expense of removing and refitting solar panels, it has happened.
    just lease your roof that seems the only cost effective way to do it unless you have the coins.
    long term, by the time it starts paying for itself it's time for a new one simple as that. i've worked on wind mills, same dang thing, great in the beginning until maintenance, there went all your so called savings you thought you had saved trying to do your part, these companies are the only ones saving on your money.
    just google DIY solar.



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