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Thread: Dumas 1941 16' Hydoplane

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    Default Dumas 1941 16' Hydoplane

    i only need to do the windshield.

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    Pro Boat motor and esc all trimmed down to SAP (slow as possible)
    this a trophy not a true FE. dang for how small this build was it was truly a giant in scale time.

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    Looks great, don’t know about the barbie though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hughb View Post
    Looks great, don’t know about the barbie though...
    she's actually a Dawn doll it's one of four my wife had when she was a lil' girl. Barbie was too big.
    it had the aluminum tape on the rear hatch, i didn't clear over it at the time and started peeling off, so i removed all of it. the plastic for the wind shield i just have to re-cut something else, and the the metal fittings are tarnishing, i think i could use model Masters buffing metalizer paint, it's lacquer so i'll have to be extremely careful, they say it's for spraying, but i've used it for lots of different projects to make plastic look just like metal. brush on, it dries really fast, a tissue, cloth, paper towel, and Qtips buff the paint so it's that more shinier. it works really well for me.
    Thank you hughb for taking the time to view and comment.
    what movie was this said in? " It's not a doll it's an action figure"
    a hint it's in a story about Toy's



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