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Thread: 1988 Miller High Life

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    Default 1988 Miller High Life

    Just finished my modified Dumas kit. Boat has a HET 700-98 935KV motor, Speedmaster Hardware, and a Swordfish 240A ESC.
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    That's Rad, how long is this boat? i assume the rear metal tube was meant for exhaust if you kept it gas (nitro)?
    i like the original Miller label as you did. Sometimes these Co. go off on their logo's and try to modernize them and ruin what we all came to know and love. Like Football uniforms starting to look like somethn' out of Star Troopers i can't stand modern where it doesn't belong. Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro ring any bells?. they always try to bring something old back and ruin it. that's my opinion.
    Champagne of beers!
    when does it go floating fast?

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    Thanks. The boat is 43” long and the exhaust tube is where you would route the tuned pipe if nitro. I hope to test it in a few weeks.



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