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Thread: Prather lap cat Question

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    Default Prather lap cat Question

    Just picked up a lap cat..36" glass ..was nitro outboard.... Someone started a brushless conversion...strut mounted....flex there also....Any suggestions for a motor..? 40-92.....?? 56 mm.... Mabe some other thoughts? Thanks

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    With a 36 hull you can run 6S with 1500kv motor 4082 size

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    Need to know your goals with this boat.
    Speed and handling requirements (SAW vs oval racing or sport)
    Are you on a tight budget or prepared to get quality components.
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    Thanks for the responses, Have some quality equipment...Other boats too...just not real familiar with this hull..being nitro born....goals would be...decent handling.....good straight speed.....

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    With a 6s 40X82 outboard you have more power than the Prather is capable of handling other than a straight line. It wasn't a great nitro hull with less power. Not what you want to hear but make it a sport boat and have fun with it. Stay low on KV and props and enjoy the longer run times.

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    Default WAS an is an inboard with stuffing tube and 3/16 flexi...



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