So got my 53" cat all worked out made two runs with it everything seem fine. Take it home and go to start it up again and test it before going out with it again. One of the two Swordfish 300+ ESCs won't start up. Checked everything wiring, motor battery voltage programing you name it. It still will not start up no beeps nothing! It's only got two light runs on it of maybe 15mins. I was running on 6s the log showed max of 20 amps and RPM of 2130 sure not much.... From what I am reading Swordfish don't stand behind anything that they sell they find something wrong but never by them. This hull was not a easy build a gas hull turned FE twin Central Marine Mystic Sport. Any suggestions on maybe waking up this ESC ? Any one else have this problem...... Sure is disappointing two runs a it dies