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Thread: Looking for Futaba 4pks or 4pks-R

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    Default Looking for Futaba 4pks or 4pks-R

    I’m looking for a Futaba 4pks or 4pks-r with receiver(s) that is in like new condition. Let me know what you have. Please post pictures and how much you like to sell for.

    Thank you

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    I have 3pk's and recievers out the wazoo!!!! radio and 4 recievers $150 shipped?
    We call ourselves the "Q"

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    Thanks but I was only interested in 4pks. I have two 3pks already. I’m just updating to the 4pks for their four channel receivers.

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    Ok just checkin
    We call ourselves the "Q"

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    Check the "for sale" forum at



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