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    what happened to the INTRO section for new comers?
    i had to rejoin and start all over because of a computer malfunction and couldn't recover squat, after a new system and new email.
    yahoo was getting lame had them for years, anyways i was wetter, now Stillwet. boats still have to be my favorite vehicle
    i live by Buchanan air field and every Memorial and Fathers Day old war planes fly in and out their sound is most awesome.
    anyways as i remember not to many chime in on newbies but some peeps just are that way. So i welcome those that should join.
    i use to looky loo here for several months before i joined. Mr V. has the best info here among his knowledgeable forum and consumer clients. dang i got to go i sense something is floating away
    have fun and stay wet.
    wetter's better.

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    32" carbon rivercat single 4s 102mph, 27” mini Rivercat 92mph, kbb34 91mph, jessej micro cat(too fast) was

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    Quote Originally Posted by kfxguy View Post
    Heck yes and thanx kfguy i remeber ya.but what happened to the New comers introduction just curious i did not see it, is the only reason i posted my silly "Hello!" so much happens in a short time, Novak and Viper out of business and CC not making wet ESC's and was sorry to hear about Kintec Racing (that was the saddest to hear). winter seems i fall back on my trains and slot cars, fix up the home stead where it needs attention but other than that it's all the other RC vehicles i tend to. oh i spent a lil time installing a high performance audio system in my work truck, haven't put in a kick A$$ system since my HM "65" Ac Cobra build in "09".
    gee wilarkers also make time for my parents, grandkids and their snotty nosed parents (my kids) the dogs, oh and somewhere i get to make a$1.87 to spend 5 bucks Ha! life's good in America, i have not watched the news, i quit drinking smoking almost three years now went back to church for awhile just to re-calibrate my compass. even though my hobbies are materialistic it's the therapy of building. building and remodeling homes for 30 plus years my hobbies make my job a walk in the park .i was truly born to build. anyways back to more reading here on OSE, there is an endless supply of nifty crafts being built on here.
    now where the heck are my readn' goggles?

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