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    just found out Viper RC ESC company is gone and now some part of them became Mclan.
    so i have a VTX10R-BE never used. Called Tech service at Mclan in WA. and was told no extended programming through the computer. i've yet to post on RCTech but having problems with their activation code.
    anyways was hoping someone had insight on this particular product on how to program it if it can be. i have a program card but i can't find the paper work and do not remember if i pre- programmed it through Viper's site . lots more to read on this one it's for a buggy.
    Thanx for any helpful tips.

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    i found the paper work, it'll suffice.
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    I have a brushed ESC from them. Been good. Has a couple quirks, doesn’t like other power wires near it.
    Ok so one quirk



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