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Thread: Apple butter cheese festival 2017.

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    Default Apple butter cheese festival 2017.

    So anyone in this group attend the annual apple butter cheese festival in Ontario in Wellesley? Last year I met up with a guy who introduced me to rc boats. I told him I would catch up with him and we talked about pro boats. I purchased a pro boat recoil 17 inch and I need tips and advice and want to start racing this boat or go out and buy a bigger size like a 26 recoil or a black jack catarman he insisted me to look at a v3 caterman brushed or brushless if you happen to come across this thread please contact me as you were the one who told me about this site and I only know so much. Thanks also he told me something he was in the golden triangle club and said they go out on Wednesdays with there rc boats sailboats in Wellesley or kitchener Waterloo area

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    There is no water currently in the pond, its drained for construction up river for some reason...the signs say that it might be filled again by the end of September. Hopefully it will be as that's when the festival is again.

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    Yeah I realize that I hope the water is back by then.

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    Where abouts in Ontario are you?

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    Granny made the very best apple butter, she also taught me to make the best 8lb. cheese cake in the world.
    bummer if the pond is not full by then.

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    5 mins outside Wellesley Ontario



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