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Thread: FASTech mods. What have you done???

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    Default FASTech mods. What have you done???

    I want to know what you have done to mod your fastech and are you happy with it? I.E. motor, esc changes, prop changes, custom paint......

    The only mods I have done so far are....
    1. I turned the turn fins so they are at a 90 deg angle from the hull. It helps it stay planted on full speed turns!

    2. I am running an SV 40/3 prop. Great for accel and top end seems to be a little fasted than stock.

    Now, Let's get posting.

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    So far ive scuffed the bottom of the hull lightely with 600 grit paper. Octura x642 prop sharpened and balanced. 2s and 3s lipos 4900mah Rhino zippy 20/30c packs(not run yet waiting on programing card) going to most probably run 5s i.e 1x 2 cell weighted to match a 2nd 3 cell pack to balance things out. Running 3700mah 6 cell nimhs at the moment. Have had to remove the front of the battery trays to accomodate the lipos. (decided to remove the fronts but may take the batteries back after testing.
    So far on the nimhs and prop its all good. ive also moved the servo arm to middle hole on the rudder for better turning.

    Ive got a 2.4ghz system sitting here ready to be installed after a little more testing (dont want to drown it lol) I also had a playmobile pilot... didnt quite look as cool as i thought it might so removed.

    Im going to try angling the fins once i get the lipos up and running and will post back with results.

    Looking at the blackjack and the fastech there seems to be far less mods to be made and the fastech definately the better of the 2 boats. Im happy with the nimh setup but just know 100% the lipos are the way to go and that will most probably be the limits of my mods other than a paint job in the future.

    Whats anyone elses plans ideas or already tried and tested mods???

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    After doing a few try's with Doby, I am moving LiPos to the back of the boat. Fastech is front heavy out of the box. I had to cut side supports just about where the front edges are from the radio box. Make sure to lift your prop strut to bring her nose up and have a fun. I know I will, plus it's allways great to have pro's with you when you go to the pond....
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    I didn't find mine to be nose heavy... the hull design, however, has a deep plunging nose that will hook if it gets down in the water in the turns... I made the mistake of bending the tabs down slightly before my final race heat and had to nurse the thing home to try to keep it from hooking... My lipos (5000 mah 20C PolyRCs) were back as far as they could be stock.. that balance seemed to work fine, you just have to get the rest of the adjustments correct... and NOT run a larger diameter prop... I was running 37-40mm props with good speed at handling... You can't tune this the same as a surface drive, because this time, the WHOLE prop is in the water... Think more pitch, but less diameter...

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    hope this dont bore you guys,

    first thing i done was remove them toy looking graphics and repaint the Hull. after many trips outside to my pond i wasnt satisfied with how it performed , dont get me wrong its a cool boat out of the box.

    2.4 ghz futaba radio reciever and Digital rudder servo. (push pull for dual rudders)

    1. repaint with acrylic lacquer paint and clear topcoat
    2. replace trim tabs with adjustable ones
    3. de-tounge and balance octura X642 prop.
    4. thrust bearings on motor
    5. Dual rudders, with dual water exits , one cools the motor the outher cools the ESC, and polished them to a mirror finish to get all the cnc cut marks out.
    6. 2X 5000 mah 40C Trackpower hard case Dark series Lipo's
    7. remove turn fins. (not needed with dual Rudders)

    now im very happy with it and it does 40+mph and handles great, turns way better than stock making smooth turns at both high and low speeds.

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    Thank You for allowing me to join this great forum...Thought I'd introduce myself as this is my first post...

    Some of the mods I have done are as follows...

    Pic #1 and #2 are of extra flotation under the radio box and bow just pressure fit no glue...

    Pic #2 also shows the battery tray section nearest the bow has been removed to allow some adjustment with the battery placement/weight distribution...

    Pic #3 although you can't see is the water proof box, I ran a small bead of 100% silicone around the mounting holes and around the holes where the cooling tubes run through, also used liquid electrical tape at the base of the antenna mount an at the antenna cap, also a small dab of Vasoline into the boots...No more water in the box to say the

    Pic #4, #5, #6 Stripped off all the decals and re named the boat Leathal Threat alo added some new graffics

    Sanded the bottom with 600 grit paper...

    Now I'm looking at maybe setting up a dual rudder system, doing the turn fin mods and possible prop change...I run 5s 5ooo mAh Sky Lipo's 40c continuous, 80c burst everything else is stock except the prop is metal replacement from Proboat

    Hope you like it, let me know what you think if you like...

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    Sorry Pic #6 did not attach so here it is...Pic #7 Forgot to mention I added flotation to the hatch cover...

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    I made mine a Jet drive

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    I'd love to see a video of that.



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