Good morning,

New member here. I realize there hasn't been any activity in this thread for over a year, but seems the most appropriate place.

I just picked up a brand new Impulse 31 V2. It was a shelf queen that the owner decided to sell ... right place at right time for me.

I've read just about every thread here on this boat. Lots of good information. In the 80's, I used to race NAMBA A-Hydro, so I took the information here as well as what I remembered on boat setup and did some bench trimming.

Have run only 2 sets of batteries through it, but what a great boat. With a sharpened and balanced stock prop, and running 2X2S 5200 packs .... I am impressed. It will need alittle COG balance and maybe a tweak of trim tabs for alittle bounce, but it was lots of fun. I was amazed at the temps after the two 5-minute runs. Motor/ESC/Batteries were all around the 100F mark ... the ESC/Motor bullets alittle higher at 115F

I have coming a collet, as well as a spare/new OSE .150 flex shaft. I've also got an X642 coming, but to be honest, I love how it runs outta the box. I'll find some 5.5 connectors before trying the X642.

This boat will never see 6S, as I'm not a fan of brute speed. Unless I do something really stupid, the stock setup should last a good long while.

Can't wait for the new parts and extra batteries to arrive and get out there again this weekend.

Keep those rooster tails tall!