i recently got back into air rifles and had my gun vise on the table and decided to start maintenance on some boats that needed attention. not really thinkn' much about using the vise for a stand i put one of the boats just to sit on it to make room for a boat stand, as i'm making room on the table i realize i just put my Stiletto on the ultimate boat work stand, i have yet to make some jigs of wood and foam/rubber padding to help keep boats in place firmer and for the most part it's not necessary unless i'm torquing or needing to tilt on edge. it's fully adjustable, tilts and fits all my boats even my smallest STRX-9. so far it's surpassed my expectations on something i wish i had thought of years ago. it's the Lyman 7832250 Revolution Gun Vise which it is not available any more.
i'm sure another brand would work fine. a few mods and and you'll have the greatest helping hands.