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Thread: Need some advice on big boat with big electronics

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    Default Need some advice on big boat with big electronics

    Hi guys,

    I'm running an HPR-35 cat hull(55") with dual Lehrner 3040 motors(11) dual 250amp MGM controllers, twin octura 465 props, powered by 2 MaxAmp 8000mah, 5s lipos. My last run was clocked at 91.2mph. I'm trying to break the 100mph. barrier. Any suggestions on what I can do with the present electronics to improve speed? If not, how about a pair of 3060 motors on this hull? What wind do you suggest? Can I stick with these 250MGM controllers if I upgrade the motors?
    I need someone to give me advice who has a lot of experience with this type of set up. Keith are you out there?


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    Hi Don
    If you got 91 mph with a set of 465 props then going to 100 is going to be relatively easy. 465 props are oval props and not saw props. A set of ABC 2616 in CR is one way to do it. If you can run 2 regular rotation props then a pair of ABC 2518 will get you there too. Another way is to run 6s lipos with the props you got. I would suggest using a pair of dinogy 6s 6600 70c lipos would be the easiest way to do it:)




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