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    i am fitting out a 60" Expresscraft Supercat and need to decide on cooling pickups. I would prefer sponson mounted pickups under the hull but in determining the location the stuffing tube location will hinder placement of the water pickup. The aft step in the sponson is 210 mm in length. Obviously I would want the pickup mounted as far aft as possible but if fitting to the underside of the sponson then I need to have clearance inside the hull to avoid conflict with the stuffing tube.

    I do not know how much of the aft step is in the water when the hull is on plane. Any idea please how far forward I can mount the pickup and still have it in the water? The stuffing tube exiting the transon is currently just to give me an idea of clearance inside the hull.
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    you should have enough room / space to fit the water pick ups either side of stuffing tubes.

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    I would think that a single pickup would fit between the stuffing tube & the inner wall of the sponson close to the transom.

    Here's what I did with my cat. A bit industrial but it works.
    I had no room between the sponson wall & the stuffing tube because I mounted the tubes as close to the walls as I could. Pluss I wanted dual pickups each side.
    I drilled a length of 4mm aluminium tubing through the transom & through the bottom of the sponsons at a 45 degree angle. Silicone tubing then attached to the tube & passed through the transom.
    But just to clarify, this is a 31" cat not a 60" cat.

    The transom.

    The underside.
    003 (2).jpg

    Inside view.

    Just for the fun of it, I mounted the outlets up on top of the sponsons, facing rearwards.
    004 (1).jpg

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    Many thanks, gentlemen



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