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Thread: need electric motor size help

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    Question need electric motor size help

    Hello to all
    Im a newbe here on this forum and need some help. Im getting ready to start construction on an old model called the SKI VEE 40 which used
    a K&B 7.5 or 11 cc motor. I had a lower unit for the motors and modifyed it for electric my question is what size motor would compare to the 11cc K&B.
    hope someone can give me some answers to my question.
    Thanks John

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    John, i would say a comparable electric motor to the k&b 67 outboard would possibly be a motor with a 40 mm diameter and a kv of around 1100 to 1300 running on 6s . for memory this outboard had around 25,000 rpm,s so work on that kv range.



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