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Thread: Just bought a impulse 31 v3- have questions!

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    Default Just bought a impulse 31 v3- have questions!

    Hey guys so as the title says I just bought my first proboat and itís an impulse 31 v3.

    I was wondering if anybody knew if the impulse v2 rudder, mounts, trim tabs, and other external hardware would fit the v3?

    Only reason Iím asking is because I really liked the aluminum finish that the v2 had vs the v3. I think it looked really gorgeous against the black hull.

    Also what do you guys think is better- a dual pickup rudder? or is it just better to add a second water pickup like the one that OSE sells for the impulse?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as tips and tricks for me new boat!!

    Thanks, mike.

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    Can anyone assist me with these questions please?

    Iím also having a really hard time finding parts for this boat now that itís discontined. Does anyone know a good site to find parts on?

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    I had no problems with cooling on my Impulse V3 using all stock electronics on 6S with an aggressive prop. I would suggest you start with the stock rudder. Open up the rudder inlet and hull outlet holes with a drill bit a little and use larger cooling hose for a little more flow. You can sand and polish the stock running gear if you want a raw aluminum look, the black anodizing is pretty thin. I also used the V2 trim tabs Darin Jordan designed for the boat on the V3, and those are a raw aluminum finish.
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    Awesome man thanks for your input. So far I really like the boat. Itís driving very well but Iím only hitting a top speed of 42-43mph which just isnít fast enough for me. Iím sure a lot of that is due to the large 6s 5000 mah Lipos Iím running, they are no bigger than a 4s 5000 mah cuz they are compact 6s packs but obviously still pretty heavy for a boat of this size.

    I did some thinking and figured if I altered the setup slightly I could prolly get it to do 50ish mph.

    I polished the prop smooth as it was very rough out of the box and I also raised the strut up slightly more. Iím thinking this will help make the boat not ride so wet as the Lipos were already as far to the rear of the boat as I could get them.

    If that still isnít enough to reach 50mph area then I will raise the trim tabs to allow more of the boat out of the water and at that point I feel as tho it should do 50+ as the box states.

    Do you have any other suggestions as to how I can make it go any faster? Do you think I could get away with a larger prop? (Iím running my 6s Lipos in parellel obviously)

    I was going to upgrade the motor and esc with a seaking 180amp or something similarly with a leopard 1800kv motor but then I gotta buy an x440 prop as well.. thatís just a lot of money that I donít have right now so if you have any suggestions on how I could increase the speed of my boat with out spending a whole ton of money such as a larger prop it would be greatly appreciated.

    Currently my motor stays around 115-139 degrees ferinheight depending on how I drive it. The esc hasnít really gotten much over 100 degrees yet and the motor wires havenít gotten over 80 ish I wanna say.

    I would love to try a larger prop and see where that gets me for speed. What do you suggest for a prop? 660?

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    Also I was def planning to buy the OSE trim tabs and turn fins no matter what so Iíll def start with that for upgrades and maybe a better prop.

    I have added a much larger diameter water line to the boats cooling system and as I was saying above, my temps seem to be just fine the way it is.



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