Hey guys, as the title states this is my first proboat. I am not new to the RC world and have had many models of trucks, cars, planes, and drones and am very experienced. I am also an automotive technician just so that you guys have a little bit of my background.\

My very first boat I got about 2 weeks ago, I made the HUGE mistake of buying a traxxas M41 because I heard they were an ok starter boat. I told myself years ago that I would NEVER own another traxxas again as I think their products are junk but against my better judgement I bought an m41 and quickly despised it nearly the day I took it out of the box. The boat is just absolute garbage IMO. I guess I was just hoping that their boats would have been built a little better/different than their vehicles (guess what, they arn't)

So anyways I purchased a proboat impulse 31 a few weeks later and sold my m41. I'm looking for some tricks and tips form you big proboat fans. I know the basics about the prop, flex cable, cooling system etc. maintenance and upkeep. I am also aware of how to properly adjust the trim tabs and that sort of thing.

My questions:

-What are some key things to keep an eye out for when owning this type of boat?
-What are some high wear parts on this boat?
-Where do you feel I should start with upgrades to this boat?
-Is running a dual rudder worth it?
-Will the impulse 31 (V2) rudder, mounts, trim tabs and hardware fit on the V3? (I ask because I like the alloy/silver finish on the V2 as I think it looks much better than the black anodized that the V3 comes with.)
-Should I buy a Dual intake rudder or should I just add a second water pickup? Which is more ideal/efficient?

Info something like this is what I'm looking for and I know you guys are the pros who can help!!

My current plans:
- I plan to Y off/separate the esc water line from the motor, I already have 2- 3/16" vacuum Y's that are the perfect size I feel because they have a large enough inner diameter to not restrict water flow yet small enough outter diameter to allow the stock tubing to fit over them.
- I also plan to run a dual exhaust for the water outlet as well as adding a second water pickup like the one they sell on OSE's website. This way I can run 2 totally separate lines with out using the 2- 3/16' Y's anymore and be able to have better water flow all together.
- I eventually am planning to upgrade to a larger/better motor and esc combo as well as upgrading the flex cable... Do you guys have any thoughts on which motor and esc to choose?

I will be using 2x6s 5000 mah 50C "Hobby Star" lipo packs... These packs are hard cased and compact (they are the exact same size and weight as a typical 4s 5000 mah 50C hard case pack.) Will these lipos work ok in the boat with out making it too heavy?

I greatly appreciate any help that you guys can assist me with!!

Thanks, Mike.