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Thread: Need Outboard Motors! Pieces Parts Complete Units!

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    Default Need Outboard Motors! Pieces Parts Complete Units!

    Hi, I am new to this site and the hobby and I am trying to restore a few older boats that require outboard motors.

    Looking for the Proboat, MRP, Robbe, AQUACRAFT EP-1 and / or the Kyosho Dolphin or Dolphin 2. (These are just the ones that I know of that would work)

    Any help at finding some affordable complete units and / or parts would be deeply appreciated.

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    The proboat outboard is discontinued but I see them on eBay once in a while. If you try to push it over 45 mph the flex shaft will likely fail, even with the Hyperformance flex shaft. I think the TFL is being used right much for a scale look but can’t comment on functionality. The evinrude looks great you have to research durability. If you want all out performance, the K&B and Lawless legs are popular racers.
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