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Thread: Need help wiring parallel and series batteries

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    Default Need help wiring parallel and series batteries

    Hi ,have a 48” zelos ,it really works the 4 s batteries I have that I run in series,so I want to double up and put 2 on each side , wire the 2 on each side in parallel,then in series at the ESC for 8 s ,I’m hoping this will lighten the load on the batteries,basically making double size 4 s lipos, need help with the wiring please thanks ,

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    What kind of help do you want? You can run two sets of 4S series packs and parallel them, or two sets of 4S parallel packs and run them in series.

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    Thank you for responding,I understand wiring the 2 batteries in series on each side ,but I don’t know how to not get 16 s at the ESC ,I need help with a diagram,my batteries have 8 mm bullets ,female on Pos and male on neg,
    So whatever you think would work best I’ll go with ,if you could please shoot me a diagram,I’m looking at my boat now thinking how to make some adapters but I really have no idea ,thank you ,

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    To obtain a parallel connection you would need a Y harness or 2 into 1 type harness or adaptor.
    In series you connect a + into a -
    leaving a + and - unconnected Plug both unused +’s into the Y and the third leg of your Y goes into the + lead on your esc. Same for the - side

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    Yes basically make a loop with the neg and Y out ,same with pos,do the same on the other side of the boat,then I basically have 2 large batteries ,one on each side ,so then I wire them in series as I have them now .got it thanks ,gotta check my stock if 8 mm connectors,thanks again ,

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    You need one of these or
    You could get fancy like this

    I would connect two 4s packs in series on each side(8s) then bring each 8s pack together to ESC. The anti spark would be a good idea. Whether you build your own or buy.


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    That might be EZ er to wire ,I need to draw it out ,I’ll still neeed to make some Y connectors,I’ll have a red and black coming from each side that now has to be wired in parallel,will only need one Y connector red and black ,good idea ,thanks ,

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    2 y connections. One for red and one for black



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