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Thread: Just something a little more relaxing than a fast electric

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    Default Just something a little more relaxing than a fast electric

    Something I have been building of late. I started with a Shunbo/Hobbyking "Monsoon" and disposed of everything above the deck and fitted the rig and sails from a Kyosho Seawind. I radically altered the stock mainsheet control system and replaced both the stock rudder servo (rubbish) plus replaced the stock sailwinch with a high torque Hi-Tec unit.

    I also had to increase the weight of the stock ballast bulb on the end of the keel fin. Also the stock rudder was more rubbish and a Kyosho Seawind rudder was modified to fit. Image shows the current state of the boat with just the keel fin and ballast bulb to fit.
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    Oh I’d love a sailboat(used to live on one in my teens).

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    While I have extensively modified the rig, the basic "Monsoon" boat may be purchased for around $75.00 usd from Hobbyking. If any stock in your U.S. wharehouse then shipping will be minimal, however, global shipping from Hong Kong kills the deal. Price inclusive of a four channel transmitter, receiver, rudder and sailwinch servos. The best point is it has a good fibreglass hull, unlike the current trend towards blow moulded ABS.

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    I've got 5 sailboats...wish I used them more but our pond weeds up and keels get stuck. They are a lot of fun and very relaxing.

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    The sails look pretty high, can they come down at all?
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    Sail height is set by the manufacturer of the rigging, Kyosho. The height is amplified by the design of the deck. Typical of most IOM designs the foredeck is raised with a step down to the main deck. This makes the main boom seem ungainly high.

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    Very nice, I have a Seawind and two totally modified Victoria’s. It’s nice to be able to run a boat and look away or chat and nothing bad happens lol.

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    The top half of the boat (rigging, mast and sails) is Seawind, the rest Shunbo. My build is just completed so have not as yet had the pleasure of sailing it. The static test this morning in the bath tub showed no leaks in the keel box so a hopefully encouraging sign.

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    The boat was christened this morning in less than ideal variable gusting winds. After some tuning of the mast position I was able to induce weather helm and after that the boat became predictable. As built with the mast set vertically the boat suffered from lee helm and simply would not turn into the wind. The mast is now raked aft at the tip about 40 mm.

    I had an hour of mostly enjoyable sailing tinged with a little nail biting when the wind would suddenly drastically change. I really need to hone my skills as sailing an RC boat is a lot different to actually being on a full size boat due judging the actual wind direction acting on the model and not as seen from afar.

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    i have three MM, Vela, and Seawind it's like flying kites on water. it is fun tacking against the wind and current it's magic.



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