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Thread: Benefits of an offset rudder

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    Greetings! I have a little 12 inch V hull project that I'm building to play in a large in-ground pool. I'm a little confused on where it install the rudder. I noticed that many racing deep vees feature offset rudders (mounted more toward the right side of the transom). Why is this? It seems that having the rudder offset to the right would give the boat more aggressive steering in that direction, but completely negate left turns altogether. Am I correct about this, or completely off track? I guess racing boats are meant to turn right only, but for my purposes, wouldn't I be better off with a centered rudder? Hopefully some more experienced hobbyists can steer me in the right direction (no pun intended).

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    You are both correct and incorrect. Offsetting the rudder gets it away from the turbulent stream produced by the prop, and puts it in a stable complete stream. This increases stability, predictability, and control while also reducing drag. It does result in the boat more efficiently turning on direction, but part of that is also due to the rotation of the prop. It does not negate the opposite turn direction though. Even for sport running, the advantages outweigh any negatives.



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