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Thread: Who makes good Rudder Blades?

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    Default Who makes good Rudder Blades?

    Hey guys,

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my stock HPR rudder blades being way too weak... they bend in half with every little crash... like a soda can.

    I understand they are purposely made to be this way... for 50mph but certainly not suitable for SAW.

    Any of you guys know who can make or who may sell some stronger, wider wedge blades of some kind?

    I think running some wider and shorter blades compared to stock would also help with them not being so prone to bending (due to being shorter in terms of depth)

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    Speedmaster use good quality aluminium for there rudders and struts.

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    There are very few companies that produce good quality rudders today,Speedmaster is good but also bends even under normal conditions,the only one that never caused me an issue is from CMDI Racing but I don't think they make rudder blades with scale looking to your HPR.TFL also offers good rudder assy and I'm using their blades on my 101 and Gas riggers now with zero issues.Gill

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    You can send me your blade (to copy) and I can modify a Speedmaster rudder to fit or make you a steel one.
    32" carbon rivercat single 4s 102mph, 27” mini Rivercat 92mph, kbb34 91mph, jessej micro cat(too fast) was

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    Dmitry I have a MTC one here that Ivan send you. 4mm thick
    I run MTC on my Fantasm and have only tweaked it once. And lord knows that boat has been in the air!!
    I ordered it as a spare but it isn’t the exact match to mine.

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    How long and wide is the blade? And How much do you want for it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmitry100 View Post
    How long and wide is the blade? And How much do you want for it...

    It is 110mm long and 25mm at bottom to 28mm at top. I think I paid $15 for it.

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    I may have paid $$ for it Dmitry but you can have it if it will work for you. Just shoot me your addy.
    Should be plenty of rudder for the 99

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    Look to MTC Hardware, I don' t find the official website



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