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Thread: What boat is this?

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    Default What boat is this?

    Hi all, just won this on Ebay, it has nitro engine, but it will be replaced with dc motor soon dont worry...

    -any idea what the hull is? about 34" long

    thinking of doing this like cary 32 ciggie.

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    I just used the Google Lens app to search the internet for this picture. Sorry, it only turned up a link to this thread. Which still kind of amazes me since you only uploaded the pic last night.

    I usually have good luck with the app, but it needs to nothing else in the pic to work for something like this. Maybe the stand was throwing it off.
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    Who cares what it is! If you are looking for build advice, provide pics of the inside and bottom? What is it made out of?

    (Can you tell that I have no clue? )

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    it is a glass boat. When I receive it will take more pics, these pics are from the auction.

    Couple more here.

    Thinking of installing couple of graupner 1992 z drives on her some day whan the budget allows.

    this is from ebay uk, and will take a while to arrive to me (Finland)

    My first thought was kyosho (the deck opening reminds me of few of their boats) hoping it is something else, maybe something from UK molds.

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    Don't know the name but engine seems to be a Enya motor looking to the carb.Gill

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    Thanks Gill, I looked some pictures and you are right. I think it is the enya 40ss will do more digging.




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