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Thread: P-Hydro prop recommandation

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    Default P-Hydro prop recommandation


    I have a new boat this year with the following setup

    Phydro, 4074 motor 2200kv, esc 180 amp. 2x 4s 4300mah in parallel.

    What prop would you recommand? I bought a x440/3 and a 442. Would you go with something else?

    I added a pic of my boat to give an idea of the hull.

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    Seems like you can go bigger than that. At least an M445 or ABC 1816-17 on there. You have enough battery to get you through a heat. Looks like a great boat, enjoy that!

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    If you can’t get an abc as suggested above, a Proboat Veles or ul-19 stock prop is not a bad start either. Great hobbies sells them.
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    You dont think its gonna overheat with a 445?

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    Try the 442 firstly with 6 laps and test all temps .The 445 should be ok with your motor size and esc size. give the boat 4 fast laps and test all temps before trying 6 fast laps. also you might want a mojo racing turn fin .

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    My Pickle ran a cnc m642 and always came back stone cold. The only reason for not propping up was for open water stability and I never gave it a turn fin. I'm going to try the UL-19 prop next as there really is no ABC option available from OSE.

    I forgot to mention that it is also running a 2200kv 3660 on 4s.
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    I also ordered cnc 442/3; cnc 444; octura m445 and m545. Gonna have some testing to do ��
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    If the hull needs a better turn fin try the mojo racing turn fin, very good.

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    I prefer straight fin. I like to run as scale as possible.

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