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    I know it's a throw in the dark but I'm LOOKING FOR/ LOOKING TO BUY. a mini rigger anything EXCEPT a jae MINI SPRINT OR A KEPPS MINI....hoping to find a mini renegade or another type mini rigger LOOKING for something different from what everyone has already....WHATS OUR THERE?

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    Are you still after a kit to build as a project? If so the only other one I know of is the fast4ward rigger from RBCKits and while it looks good on video I haven't seen one run to know how good it is.

    If you will settle for a moulded hull there are more options. The best out there at the moment is the Rasch Exe05, there is also ETTI's mini Outcast and mini Angel, Ecomaster.torgg's mini hydro, Doctorprop's L450, Rasch's Mini Mongoose, Hydro&Marine's Mini Me, and Tenshock's Mini Starship (not recommended).
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