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Thread: Proboat shockwave vibration problem?

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    Default Proboat shockwave vibration problem?

    I have the v3 version? The green colored one,it runs fine when the flex shaft is newly greased, but after say 15 minutes of running ,it develops a noticeable deep rasping noise, so i immediately brought the boat in very slowly, i notice there is a degree of play in the shaft area ,in that you can move the shaft up and down, unlike my other proboat geico v3, would that sound like the shaft needs replacing? Or would it be that alloy support?(sorry tech terms escape me) . There is definately a degree of play as i can move the prop connected to the flex shaft up and down,which i didnt think was right.

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    The problem is the stuffing tube liner doesn't run inside the strut and the strut doesn't have any bearings. You get steel rubbing alum, and the hole gets hogged out. I think it's made much worse when you use a heavy metal prop. In any case there's a lot of complaints about it.

    If you can get some 5mm ID brass tube, you can drill out the strut and use that. I actually imitated the Speedmaster 2pc bushing setup by drilling out a 3/16" ID tube to 5mm, and then drilled the strut for a 1/4" tube for the bushing to float in. I extended the 1/4" tube into the hull & hogged the hull hole so I could actually adjust the strut. If I did it again, I'd find some 5mm tube replace the entire tube.

    The other option is to completely change the strut & stuffing tube and switch to a longer flex that's the correct new length.

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    what diameter brass tube is sticking out of that strut in pic ?

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    I believe it was 1/4" OD (pn#8131), the size it rides in was 9/32" (pn#8132). It must be drilled out to 5mm for the Proboat flex, which is a nightmare if you don't have a lathe and 5mm clamp/collet. If you get 6mm OD with 0.5mm wall, it will fit the flex end w/o modding.
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    If you still need help on your shockwave feel free to PM me. I've learned a lot from another member here as well as my own learning curve. My set up is a good balance of handling and speed. a 5min run at 34-35 mph.
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