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Thread: Installing twins where it shouldn't be done.

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    Default Installing twins where it shouldn't be done.

    I have had this UL 1 for about 3 years now and turning right at ridiculous speeds has just gotten a little monotonous for me. I love new unique builds that have not been done before.

    Here is my progress and what I am asking for.

    I have reinforced and glassed the rear transom from the inside and mounted new hardware to fit on the hardware for the twin motor mounts. Tell me your opinions. Of course it will be prettied up before I let it hit the water.

    I am not an expert on motors or propellors.

    My question is this, while expecting speeds of 45 MPH and a run time of 4-5 minutes. Which counter rotating props and brushless motors should I consider for this build?



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    A matching Aquacraft motor would likely be fine. Or something the like of. Props, mmm, what were you running in single format?
    Remember it basically takes X amount of watts to push a given hull at a given speed. Twins should just push that and be easier on things, and then a bit more if you push it with larger props.
    Make sense? I think it could’ve been worded different/better.

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    Maybe have a read through this thread. Craig did a dual install on a 34" Vortex.

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    Going straight, twins about split the watt requirement for the boat. But on corners, the outboard motor goes to about 75-80%, so your motors have to be rated power wise, higher than you might initially think. Prop wise, I think X442’s would work well. You need a bigger rudder than stock or more deflection. The inboard prop works against the rudder, but my dual is extremely stable and neutral in the corners, surprisingly so! I run CW on port side, CCW on starboard. Many say it’s not a good setup, but I love the neutrality of the board and will accept it needs more distance to turn. Good luck on the build and have fun!

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    Thank you all so far, this build has me very excited. Craig your build is so impressive with the maths and engineering prowess. I measured a bit and started hacking away. So we'll see how she planes and stays on the pontoons.

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    That's pretty creative. I give you 2 thumbs up for your build!! The motor mounting is a cool idea.
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