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Thread: Miss Geico 29 compatability query

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    Can anybody advise please? I recently exhausted my pocket money(pocket money @66 years old? ) on the long desired Miss Geico 29, before realising it needs DUAL batteries as standard, so gonna have to wait for funds to recover before i buy her a couple of 5000mah 40-50c 2s lipos, i do however have a pair of matching 3700 mah 3s 40c Zippy compacts which i tested on the Geico and everything seemed to work just fine, im just a bit worried that im using the STANDARD V3 kit on this brand new boat, im a bit nervous of going straight to 6S power ,running standard 2000KV 6 pole Dynamite motor,120A Dynamite esc, and Standard propellor, i shelled out a lotta cash for this gorgeous boat and dont want to fry any components. Will it be o.k.? Or should i wait till i can buy two 4000-5000 mah 2s 40-50 c instead? . Also my local pond aint huge so rocket velocity speeds aint a great idea there. no 85 mph run are therefore anticipated.

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    Yeah I don’t think 6s is a good idea. That boat is designed for 4s and really should stay that way. It would probably take 5s well if you wanted to do a 2s & 3s pack configuration but it sounds like your pond is limited.

    Hey another option would be a 2700kv motor and running a 3s2p configuration. Two 3s packs would give a good runtime. Just an idea but you can probably get new 2s packs for about the same as price of a motor.



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