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    I know that twin installs are generally "frowned upon" as causing too much drag to gain any real benefit over a single shaft install plus issues when cornering loading up the inner prop, however, the tinkerer in me likes the mechanical aspect of installing twin drives. I have a spare Pursuit hull to play with. My son has the following motor, a TP Pro Comp 2940 7Y 1790kv in a 26" Flowmaster and even with a relatively minor prop upgrade and running 6s it has been GPS timed at 93 klm/hr at its last outing with more to come.

    I could install a 40 series TP motor with 180 amp Turnigy T3 180 amp ESC running on 6s though say a 45 mm prop or for similar money I could install two TP Pro Comp 2940 7Y 1790kv motors running 6s with Turnigy 120 amp ESC running 40 mm props (most likely not contra-rotating due their close proximity to each other). If contra-rotating props would torque roll and chine walking be minimised, please?

    Would a smaller motor twin install just introduce complexity to the build or could it have any advantages over a single install other than just satisfying my own want for a twin install hull, please? Reduced cornering speed is not an issue for me.

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    Will the boat be used for fun running or racing? Advantages for fun running would be a lack of prop walk and a central rudder position. Disadvantages for racing would be loss of thrust as the mono heeled over in the turns and possible squirrels handling in turns.

    General advantages would be cheaper components with half the amp draw and - perhaps - greater reliability.

    General disadvantages would be greater complexity in the build and in maintenance. Twice the parts means a greater chance of failure, either components or human error.

    I say that if you want to try a twin, go for it. Better to try and fail (or succeed!) than to regret even trying.

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    Many thanks. Definately just fun/sport running and seeing what is possible.

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    With the motors listed, the single could provide more thrust (1600x2 vs 5000 watts). Weight would be either the same or less when you figure what the 2nd esc/cable/wiring weigh, as they certainly are more than half. It's also possible CG could be higher in the hull. Personally I don't do cable maintenance purely for fun, so 2x the work would need a very clear benefit.

    Twins do have the cool factor though, along with sounding great.

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    Yes, the single install has more power, but as you say a twin has the cool factor. Everyone does a single in a mono with few doing twins.

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    Twin outboards would look great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rol243 View Post
    Twin outboards would look great.
    I agree that twin outboards would be just as good, however, the affordable outboard to suit the hull I believe has too many reliability and maintenance issues with the thin flexshaft and copper drive bushing. The larger TFL gear-driven outboard would be too large for the hull.



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