My shockwave is standard with 2000kv Dynamite and the tiny 30A Dynamite esc, i was wondering if the newer 6 pole Dynamite as used in Veles catamaran would be a wothwhile upgrade,?or would i be better looking at the Leopard or Turnigy models ? I thought about the Leopard 3674 2000kv? Or Turnigy Aquastar 2000kv? i have in mind to team that motor with a Turnigy Marine 120A esc i have brand new and boxed.looking to stick with xt 60 plugs so might change to that as all my batteries are xt60. Though i could carry on with high grade adaptors, also looked at changing the propellor though im not shelling out a fortune initially,so looking at CNC types ,only i dont know whether to stick with stock size? And dont know what that is anyway, or porop down if/when i change motor etc, what IS the stock size anyway? the boat will be running approx min 25c up to 60c 3S of 2600-3700 mah, with a change to 4S of around 3300-3500 40c or so if/when the enquired upgrades have been carried out.
Also, this boat was run twice only previously and i would guess its only a couple of years old at most ,can any body advise whether Horizon is likely to have rectified the inherent flex shaft problems that apparantly were found in the earlier versions? Mine has a decent looking flexi shaft,which is very easy to maintain and keep liberally greased, after every couple of hours use.