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Thread: The 2018 FE racing season thread

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    Default The 2018 FE racing season thread

    The Indy Admirals FE racing season kicks off on the 21st of April 2018

    The racing season rules and classes can be found here:

    The Admirals Calendar can be found here:

    Inclement weather info on the day of the event will be posted to the Admirals Facebook page.

    As usual I'll try to post some video footage of the day's racing after each event. Hope to see all the usual faces and hopefully lots of new ones too.

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    Great season opener, I'm already wanting more..........great to see some some fresh faces (Jerry and Chris A), Joe P from ZippKits paid a visit too. Felt really good to get the new season jitters going and hopefully out the way.


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    Default The Hughey Fast Electric Racing Series

    Yes it was a great turnout for the season opener. We had a few regulars who should join us next time.

    It was suggested we name our summer racing series in dedication to Ed and Dee Hughey who both passed away reciently. Their contribution to the hobby in general and specifically fast electric was inspiring to to us all.

    It's with great pleasure I anounce the new name of our racing series. The Hughey Fast Electric Racing Series.

    See everyone at the next race May 20th or better yet May 5th at the Avon Spring Fling for some racing demonstrations.

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    Sunday marked our second round of the Hughey Fast Electric Racing Series. Here's a few videos from the day. I particularly like Mike the "Kiddie beater" in the mini boat class, listen close at the end.....note no kids are actually beaten.......LOL

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    Another great day for racing, turn out was a little lighter than normal with some of the regulars tied up, but we had several new guys turn up, hopefully we will have new members join the club next time.


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    Sorry Kris heat 3 video wasn't great, or I'd post your win........

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    Here's a few highlights from today's action.

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