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    Whats a good choice of prop for a Leo 3650/ 2930KV and 2S pack. This is for a 21" Offshore mono.
    I'm still new to this aspect of RC boats have been flying e-powered planes for almost 15 years but find matching motor/cell/prop combinations for boats a bit different.

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    That is a big motor for a little boat, not best suited IMO, but it would be an X438 on 3S for me. To make that motor worthwhile on 2s you will need such a big prop on the back that you would spin the boat rather than the prop.
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    I see. So then I should use a 3650 KV motor instead and then a 435 or M435 prop.
    I still want to use a 2S pack. As far as size goes, I used a car motor ( brushed like a Trinity ) which is about in length and diameter in a boat previous boat the same size.

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    Brushless is much more efficient and powerfull than brushed, a 2845 brushless will deliver more power to the prop than a brushed 36mm car motor. A 4800kv 2845 on 2s 5000mAh with a 90A ESC will spin an X435 and give you about 40mph which is likely all the speed a 21" mono will handle, and around 4-5 minute run times. A bigger motor will be capable of pushing the hull faster (if the hull can handle it) at the expense of runtime.
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