Sorry Mike. I don't mean to be disrespectful. Especially with the effort you put into our hobby. Not everyone appreciates it the way I do.

An air dam is a bandaid used to fix a design flaw. This isn't really debatable. Don needs a dam because the boat has a flaw that was making it blow off. The dam was the fix. Design the boats so that the pressure on top is correct and you don't need a dam. It's not simple by any stretch but it IS wing design. Top dim longer than bottom dim across the tub will produce lift. You're using the dam to change the dimension across the bottom. Reducing lift. Works killer on a cat that won't stay put too.

I can accept that it's part of the design. I'm only suggesting the same thing could have been accomplished without it.

I don't think Ty's 8255 has been beat. Usually it requires a crash or some other break down. No 1/4 round.